TricLed TricRings Halos for Yamaha YXZ 1000R




The very first Headlight custom rings made just for the newly released YAMAHA YXZ 1000R. When we finally got our unit the first thing we did was sized one up and custom made our PCB board. For many years we specialize in creating unique and menacing looks out on the trails and the YAMAHA certainly has that aggressive look. These new LED rings packs over 150 LED’s using a proprietary positioning method unlike the generic knock offs from overseas, it is so bright and the LED’s packed so tight it looks like one continuous ring. We custom made a harness for an easy plug and play to each light. Special waterproof coating with UV inhibitors ensures your rings is up to the task for off road duty. We use a special 3M acrylic tape that is waterproof and easy to install. The ring adheres right on the surface of the headlight and connects via plug in harness for all 4 lights. Simply run your wires to the console and the provided switch and power from the battery. Colors available: Red, Blue, Yellow, White. Half and half colors kits (2 rings of 2 different colors) are available also: Red/Blue, Red/Yellow, Red/White, Blue/Yellow, Blue/White, Yellow/White.

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Blue, Blue/White, Blue/Yellow, Red, Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Yellow, White, Yellow, Yellow/White