RZR4/XP4 900 G2 Bench (Custom)



Pro Armor is proud to announce the official release of our Pro Armor G2 Suspension Bench Seat for the rear of the RZR4 and XP4 900! These suspension seats are made in the USA and are the highest quality with only the best materials and craftsmanship! Not only do they look fantastic they offer amazing comfort to the RZR with their containment, cushion, ergonomics and support! Designed to fit any size passenger up to a 48” waist. For custom options please call us at 951-343-9270.
***(large hole for water & seat lever access)***
Pro Armor introduces the all new G2 Bench Suspension Seats! These are suspension seats that are designed to give your backseat passengers the most comfort possible. It has several advanced features, such as the easy pass through belt slots for easy install or removal of your harness, multi density foams for less fatigue, powder coated frame for anti-corrosion and a nice finish. No more soggy bottoms with the added sand drain, allowing water and debris to fall through the bottom of the seat. With its stunning design and vibrant marine grade vinyl’s it will compliment any RZR4 or XP4 900. The seat was designed to fit any size passenger up to a 48” waist. Our suspension seats are built for comfort, support, style and to allow you to be planted in your seat so you can enjoy the ride and drive. You can purchase any of our Suspension Seats from our authorized dealers or you can reach us direct at 423 539 3884.