RXUTV Polaris RZR Pawltector Parking Brake




The Polaris RZR is a fantastic vehicle from the factory, but it is missing ONE important thing: A parking brake. There are multiple styles available, but the guys over at RXUTV have invented the simplest one of all, and it is highly functional. It keeps your brakes engaged. Simple step on the brake pedal with your left foot, and use your right foot to move the tab over on the RXUTV pawltector assembly, and then release the brake, and the Pawltector keeps the brakes engaged. To release, simple depress the brake again, and the spring on the Pawltector releases it.

For those of you asking why you would want a parking brake? Three reasons. One, it keeps the vehicle from rolling on a hill after you put it in park, which sometimes can cause it to be difficult to shift out of park. Two, when you tow the RZR, this will keep it from rolling out of position before you get the straps on. And three, it just makes trail riding a little bit safer.

It is easy to install, and takes the average person about 10 minutes. You have to loosen one nut, and remove another. It’s literally that simple. If you are local to us, feel free to bring your RZR by and we will even help install it!

This parking brake fits the following full size Polaris RZR’s. With or without power steering, even if it is aftermarket.

2011-2014 RZR XP 900
2013 RZR Jagged X
2009-2014 RZR S
2008-2014 RZR 800
2009-2014 RZR 4 800
2011-2014 RZR XP 4 900
2011+RZR 570
2008-2014 Polaris Defense RZR SW
2008-2014 Polaris Defense MRZR 2
2008-2014 Polaris Defense MRZR 4
2013-2015 Polaris Ranger XP 900
2014+ RZR XP 1000
2014+ RZR XP 1000 4 Seater
Ranger 570 Full Size
2015+ RZR 900
2015+ RZR 900S
2015+ RZR 900S 4 Seater
2015+ RZR 900XC
2016 RZR XP Turbo
2016 RZR XP Turbo 4 Seater

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RZR 570/800/800S&4 Seat/900/900S&4 Seat/900XC/Ranger XP 900/Ranger 570 Full Size, RZR XP 900&4 Seat/XP 900 Jagged X/XP 1000&4 Seat/XP Turbo&4 Seat